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Senior training

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Welcome to Senior Training!

Most people know that exercise is good for both body and mind.


Keeping active and using our bodies in a varied way helps us to function better and function longer. We improve our balance . Getting to sweat a little from time to time helps our stamina, and to manage to do more in daily life. It also gives more energy and gets us in a better mood. Promotes self-confidence, helps reduce stress, and can even help with pain relief as some of the stiffness and tenderness that accompany us lessens. There are a myriad of benefits if we train in a way that is right for us.

A pre-requisite for participation is a 60 minute consultation where You can tell about your ailments, challenges, goals and any possible functional limitations You may have, as well as any diagnoses or restrictions. What you would really love to be able to do that you this current date may be struggling with. Your expectations and possible concerns when it comes to training. The aim of the consultation is to enable You to train in a safe way, and get the most out of Your efforts.The consultation costs 450 NOK. 

It does not matter if you have never trained before in your life, or if you were an Olympic Champion in the old days. If you are completely healthy and fit, if You have a hip prosthesis or have had a heart episode, the class is set up so that everyone can train at their own pace according to their own conditions and still feel part of the group. All exercises are adapted to the individual's needs.

The classes are varied, aiming to improve fitness levels, strength, mobility, balance, and -through a physical approach- also cognition. We train to music at a decibel level that you with a hearing aid also can tolerate. The lessons are playful. We set out to have fun and enjoy ourselves . You should feel better when you walk out the door than when you first came in.

The classes start with a carefully paced and comfortable 15-minute warm-up, and end with careful stretching, and relaxation.

The classes are held twice a week and last for 60 minutes. Payment is made per attended class and the price is 200 NOK per class for attendance once a week, and 150 NOK per class for attendance twice a week .


Registration for 2022

We are now working on next spring's timetable. Please let us know that You are interested by contacting the clinic by phone or e-mail, or using the form below. Let us know which days and times work best for You, so that we can take this into account.

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