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Balance training

in groups

This class is for You who has impaired balance

Our bodies have a variety of tools that it uses to help us keep our balance. Our muscles need to be strong enough to keep our bodies upright. We must be quick enough to be able to react if pushed on the street or adjust to changes terrain. A good sense of touch in the feet and the ability to get an accurate sense of the position of our joints are important so that the brain can get the information it needs to be able to send the right signals to our muscles and coordinate our bodies. Even cognitive functions contribute, such as being able to pay attention to several things at the same time.


There is a lot that can be influenced and trained when it comes to balance using a large variety of exercises. Fortunately, this is a type of training that is varied and fun, in addition to the fact that one often experience fairly immediate results and improvement.


Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

The class is held once a week and lasts for 90 minutes. Payment is made per attended class, and the price is 200 NOK per class.

A pre-requisite for participation is a 60 minute consultation where Your personal balance-challenges will be assessed so that You can train as safely as possible and get the most out of Your training, at the same time as we get to know each other a little. The consultation costs 450 NOK.

Once per term, You will be provided with the opportunity to retake the tests You took during this consultation so that you can track Your improvement.


Registration for 2022

We are currently working on next spring's timetable. Please let us know that You are interested by contacting the clinic by phone or e-mail, or using the form below. Let us know which days and times work best for You, so that we can take this into account.

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