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Physiotherapy Services - coming to your home
Moss - Sarpsborg

- For you who struggle to get to a physiotherapist

outside of your home.

- For you who are on the waiting list and are worried about getting worse while you wait.

- For you who want a more intensive/ long-lasting

follow-up than what your municipality has the resources for.

Could be You with a lot of pain and ailments that limit you in everyday life

Could be You who have undergone a Stroke, InterCerebral Haemorrhage, You with Parkinson's, MS, or other diagnosis that may lead to long-term disability.

Could be You suffering from poor balance, afraid to go out on Your own, or You who are worried about managing on Your own in the future.

Could be You who have/will receive a shoulder, hip or knee prosthesis

Could be You with other afflictions or ailments Feel free to contact us and discuss Your situation specifically.

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