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Upper Back Massage

Clinic at Villa Hjerterom


Anna Magdolna Purinszky

Authorized Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist with a degree from Oslo and Akershus University College .


Østfold Hospital, Moss - mainly worked at the department of Orthopedics with patients who were about to/ had received hip /knee prosthesis or had back surgery, as well as with the rehabilitation and training of patients having had heart surgery and patients with heart failure.

Peer Gynt Helsehus, Moss - Part of Ambulatory Reheabilitation Team (ART). Rehabilitation of in-house patients with wildly varying conditions and degree of function. Home visits.  The training of patients with impaired balance, and patients with impaired gait in groups.

Råde municipality, Råde -Rehabilitation of patients at home and in the nursing home at Helsehuset Råde.

Spenst Brygga Training Center, Fredrikstad -  The startup of  Physiopro. Rehabilitation of Patients with sports injuries, chronic neck/ shoulder/ back pain, the training of patients with heart failure, geriatrics, performance enhancing training for athletes...


Other expirience: Internship at Cato Center as part of a work-oriented rehabilitation team. Internship at Rikshospitalet Department of Neurology - working with patients who had undergone Stroke or Intracerebral Hemorrhage .

Physiopro - filling a gap

Patients grappling with complex and/or long-term problems have always been close to my heart.

I created Physiopro with the intention of providing a service for those patient groups who currently do not have enough options. Even though existing research and professional knowledge available to health professionals indicate that there is help and hope to provide.


I am happy to do some detective work concerning Your problem, I will  consult relevant healthcare professionals, and work as a team with you. I can not promise to make You all completely healthy, but I can say with some certainty that I can make most of You much better.

People who have been put on a waiting list due to lack of resources are welcome here as well. It is important to get started as soon as possible with Your rehabilitation so that You do not develop more serious, more long-lasting, or additional conditions.


The clinic accepts patients - who otherwise end up far down on the waiting list - with no waiting-time.


The standard treatment-time at Physiopro is 60 minutes.

The importance of a good dialogue is invaluable. As a therapist, making time to gather all relevant information and for You to feel seen and heard is an important part of my job.


In addition, a lot of patients need a combination of passive treatment combined with exercises that take time to learn properly. It is also important that there is enough time for questions, and to learn the purpose and of the treatment/exercises.

Of course, if You come for a simple control-check, the treatment-time is shorter.

Villa Hjerterom

Villa Hjerterom is a health center with both physical and mental well-being in focus.

The center provides weekly classes in various forms of Yoga, including Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga and Family Yoga -where parents and children can join the same group-, and Yoba, a form of Yoga developed specifically for children and their magical world in development.

Mindfulness workshops, gardening courses, and courses for You who wish to become a Yoba instructor are also on the menu.

For more information, please contact Villa Hjerterom directly:

Yoga on Beach
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