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Pilates with Ball


Group Relaxation

This class is not demanding, everyone can participate regardless of age or functional level

In today's hectic society, it is difficult to keep our balance and make time for everything we want/should/must achieve. We meet high demands on all fronts and not to mention, from ourselves.


Stress is a major epidemic of our time and is one of the most important risk factors for developing the serious lifestyle diseases that wreak havoc today. In addition, stress lowers our ability to concentrate, reduces our efficiency and may result in the feeling of losing control over one's life and can have psychological consequences.

The purpose of this class is to provide You with 60 minutes of 'You-time' in the middle of Your hectic weeks

Group Dance

In the Wind-down Group a variety of techniques promoting inner peace and focus are introduced, helping You to reduce stress levels. The class introduces breathing techniques, exercises from Yoga and Chi Quong, relevant elements from martial arts, and a number of Physiotherapy techniques as well as Body Awareness training.

The program varies slightly from time to time so that everyone can find techniques that are best suited for them. Techniques that they can use at home and integrate into everyday life. The exercises are adapted to You and Your functional level .

The class is held once a week and lasts for 60 minutes. Payment is made per attended class, and the price is 200 NOK per class.


Registration for 2022

We are currently working on next spring's timetable. Please let us know that You are interested by contacting the clinic by phone, e-mail, or using the form below. Let us know which days and times work best for You best, so that we can take this into account.

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